We love it when Jacques goes to the library with  us.  I am always overjoyed to have an extra set of hands around and the kids dig the books he finds.

Okay, we all do.

While I tend to stick to things I know or find easy (“The picture book bins, everyone!  You can pick out five!”), Jac is waaaaay more daring.  He spends his time in the “real” books and brings home things about math, cool science experiments and works on explorers. They are usually things I would have never picked out but are always well received by us all.

That’s how we ended up with Howtoons. A science/construction book that is written in a comic book style was like candy to the boys.  Everything looked so cool . . . could we do this one and this one and this one?  Pleeeeeeease?

When we finally did bust out the plastic bottles and permanent markers to make protective eye wear, we all decided it was one of the best free family fun nights we had had in a while.  We’re not sure if Monday agreed, but who asked her?