As we all tried to settle down so Jac could lead prayer on Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but think of last years celebration. It was so quiet and low-key.  How do you follow that?  Why, by filling your home with 19 people, that’s how!

Yes, 19.  With us (6!  We’re a family of 6!), the brother-in-laws fam (5), my in-laws (2), parents (2) and Wyeths (5) things added up quickly.  But, I dare say, it was nearly as stress-less as last year (from my perspective, anyway!) considering the many hands around to help out.

Dad grilled the bird.  Cindy and I prepped like mad the day before with Chelsey and Tess’s help.  Jac was on super clean up duty.  Mary handled the potatoes.  Kids were taken care of and post feast, Ike and Ivan herded all chitlens outside into the balmy weather and wore them out.


Let’s do this every year!