Before Philip fell asleep on Friday night, he needed to be sure we were all clear on the plans for Saturday.

“Dad says tomorrow we are doing something fun and exciting. We ARE going to do something fun and exciting right?

I didn’t want to tell him that just being with Jac was all the fun and exciting I wanted, so I just agreed. But that made Saturday morning a little difficult – there were high expectations at stake!

First stop was the bank followed quickly by a trip Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks. It was Max’s request since he has become a coffee aficionado as of late. We enjoyed our ciders, hot chocolate, juice, coffee and pastries in the warm autumn sun. The bonus? We STILL have money on the gift card after our visit. Nice!

Then, it was time to make a choice as there were so many things going on in Rapid. Would it be M Day? The Great Pumpkin Festival? A Charlie Brown Movie? Down to Custer for the Buffalo Round Up? Bike ride? What, what, what?!

About this time Jac decided that we needed to find Susan to get her some prayer cards and we were preeeeeety sure she was in Wall. And we had an hour to get there. Off we went, at rather high speeds, to get to our destination.

Except, when we got there, we found a barbershop quartet at St. Patrick’s church instead of Max’s godmother. After more than a few phone calls, it was confirmed that Susan was not in Wall and did not need the cards as we had thought.

Fun and exciting in our lap!

The day was perfect for a visit to Wall Drug and the Backyard. And aside from Philip’s panic about the T-Rex, it was flawless. The crowds were small, the sun was warm and Dad was with us. Fun and excitement was had by all.

Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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