Our fourth was filled with all the essentials of a good time : food, fun and family. No one cared that there wasn’t a campfire or fireworks or late night drives back from Lead. I don’t know if any of that stuff was even missed. . .

Anyway, we hung out with all sorts of cousins and ate ourselves sick (right, Tom?) and spray painted our hair patriotic colors. Grandma and Grandpa came up, Haeli held swimming lessons, faces were painted and folks from Iowa came. There was a moment when gasoline was poured and a whole lot of whooping and hollering went up in the destruction of a mud-bee hive and it was almost as good as fireworks.


We reveled in our freedoms, hard fought and hard one, and took some time to remember the rots we are entitled to. We said a prayer of thanksgiving for this great land of ours and the people we share it with and then had some more watermelon.

Woo hoo! Home of the brave, baby!