We are home.

Thanks be to God, we are HOME!!!

It was glorious when we raced into town on Thursday and I thought as I looked towards the Hills, “Who wouldn’t want to live here?!?”   We were so glad to return.

And so glad to see some green!  I had convinced myself that it would be okay and expected to be met with the remains of winter.  Instead we were pleasantly surprised with daffodils and tulip shoots.

Speaking of shoots . . .

Mama Syd requested a photo shoot of the kiddos in the green.  So we did 2.  The first one Mom and I went alone which made me the photographer.  I’m still working on my skillz so things didn’t turn out so well.  Okay, it was partly my ineptness and partly lunchtime for the kids and Mama Syd employing bribery.  (It never ends well.)  After we returned to California, we did another with Jac and had much more success.

Spring colors+Knight’s Ferry=lovely

It won’t be long now until the thawing North is looking the same.  Hooray!

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