We’re big on inspiring greatness around here.  We desire our children to dream big and live big.  It goes beyond a “You can be whatever you want to be!” cliche – we want them to know and understand that God has a plan for their life, a call only they can fill. In the words of St. Catherine of Sienna, “Be what you are meant to be, and you will set the whole world aflame.”


This drives us to provide experiences and moments for them, at home and abroad, that are awe-inspiring.  With this in mind, we made a stop at the USAF Academy on our way home from our sojourn to Kansas.


It helped that Fr. C. and Michael are graduates.  It helped that the kids love all things that fly and anything that requires an “outfit” (read: uniform).  But really?  The place needed no “help.”  It’s breathtaking, as is.

It was a little overwhelming, to be sure – so much to see and do and take in.  Did they understand how elite, how impressive how awesome the place was?  That maybe something like that is a part of their call?

I just prayed that it was.  I didn’t want to be that mom: the “Didja get that? Huh? Tell me! Didja? Didja? Didja?”. 

Then.  Then. Philip says this last week to Max, “After I am a Cadet at the Air Force Academy?  And I am a chef?  Then I’ll be a father and say Mass.  ‘Cause I can do that, Max.”

That’s inspiring if not inspired. And great.  Really, really great.