To Sabine, on your Quincinera,

When I started dating Uncle Jac, you were the same age Jenna is now.  You were impish and had a spirit about you that couldn’t be squelched.  From afar and over long distances, we watched you grow and heard about your life.  Do you remember how you helped Uncle Jac get ready to propose to me?  And how, when I asked you to be a flower girl, you told me no and no amount of coaxing and begging could change your mind?  As we all know, you came around and were a beautiful attendant that day.

And on this day, your Quincinera, you are even more beautiful and lovely.  I know you have had to grow these last few years in so many ways and that hasn’t always been easy.  But now, as we celebrate you and your 15 years, we see a young woman full of poise and grace, gold refined by fire.  Your beauty is radiant and you stand before us, your family and community, glowing from the inside out.

We are so proud of you, sister. Getting to know you and watching the way you continue to grow in Christ has been a joy.  We are anxious to witness His hand in your life  now and in the future.  He loves you more than His own life – we know you know that but it is our prayer that you know it in your core and that you let that change you and guide you now and always.

We love you and happy birthday.