It has been quite some time since I managed to get a Montage Monday up.  Miraculous, no?

Nearly as miraculous as completing all of the to-do lists we had during Mama Syd’s visit.  Thaaaaat’s right.  DONE!  I can’t tell you how good that feels.

And I hope that the montage complied below makes you feel as good on this Monday.

Cousin Kathy sent matching shirts for the kiddos from her trip to the Highland Games with my folks.  My favorite?  That my chocolate chip eyed, black haired girls get to wear sparkling “Scottish Princess” t-shirts.  I wanted to make sure that Cousin Kathy could see that the shirts fit and a photo shoot seemed the perfect way to do it.

What ensued was a fiasco.

Straight up madness.

Mama Syd and I laughed until we cried. It was great and such a slice of life at Casa de Daniel.

So, thank you Cousin Kathy for the shirts – they love them and they fit great.  And thank you, too, for the laughs. Long live Scotland the Brave!

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