August 14th was the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

That made it Max’s feast day.  Our Max, that is.

In this house, we treat these “name days” akin to birthdays, stopping just short of an “Extravaganza.” (The reason for this is I don’t want to wear it out.  Okay.  It’s not the reason at all.  It’s because I’m too tired.)  There are kid’s choice activities, special meals, desserts, gifts and even a special song.

“Happy Feast Day!  Happy Feast Day!  Sin and Sorrow fill the air.  Death and Dying everywhere, but Happy Feast Day!  Happy Feast Day!”

You know, an all around gooood time.

This year the request was made to go to the “School of Minds” (it’s supposed to be “Mines”) and visit the museum.  Because it didn’t freak him out enough the last time we went.

So we braved the rain and the on-campus construction (Ellie and Tess were treated to a stroller ride down a steep flight of stairs in which Ellie nearly summersaulted out of the stroller.  That would’ve made some memories, huh?!) to tour the facility.  We oohed and aahed our way through and learned some things along the way (i.e. a gastrolith is a rock fish ingest to help aid in digestion.  Some fish use them as a ballast to keep them steady in the water.  The ancient potty in the museum has a towel dispenser I could barely reach on my tip-toes.  Who knew?). 

We rounded out the day with pizza with Susan and Julie.  They stayed for gifts – included was a monster tub of Legos some friends passed on to us.  Max thought he had died and entered Glory.  It’s been Legomania around here ever since! – and a showing of Star Wars – A New Hope.  Max’s take?  “Next year, I want to do everything the same for my feast day.  Except for different presents, of course.” 

Of course.

And so, because the only thing more exciting than a museum is pictures of other people at a museum – TA DA!!  Here they are.

*By the way, I completely and heartly recomend visiting said museum.  It’s fabulous.  I also recomend watching Star Wars with Susan.  SHE HAS LINES MEMORIZED.*