I have just returned from a weekend away with my college friends.  HEAVEN! (More on that later . . . ) However, it makes me reluctant to face reality and say, school or clean the kitchen.  So I will spend time here instead.

Lest you duped into thinking that we made another trip to Texas in the last week (I’m talking to YOU, Neil), let me be clear that this collection of images is from the afternoon we left Canyon, 2 weeks ago now.  Max asked to keep the camera with the promise that he would 1. not play with it and 2. let me know if he wanted to take a picture of something cool.

Riiiiight.  Why didn’t I see it coming?  He had been so busy being a little photographer that by the time we reached Colorado, there was just a sliver of battery left and we eked out a few shots at the Air Force Academy. (Again, more on that later . . . .)  In exchange, I have this record of images from Max’s perspective; things he finds cool, interesting or important. 

A little window into his mind – a fascinating place as you can see.