I only have 2 first cousins and one of them got married this last weekend.  I was not going to miss it so even though it was winter weather season here and Jac couldn’t come with me, I loaded up the van with the kids and all of their accessories and headed out.

12 hours later we arrived in Kansas.  It was worth every mile!

At the moment I am at Billy and Lindsay’s preparing to head back north so you can understand that I’m a little tired and my mind is fried.  However, this is what you need to know about our weekend (more details will follow):

– The highlights for the kiddos included the hotel, the hotel pool, the reception sight, the snack packs at the reception, playing with my cousin’s toys, seeing uncle Billy and seeing the grandparents and great grandparents.  Wedding? What wedding?

– The reception was hosted at the Cosmosphere, a Smithsonian affiliate museum that houses the worlds largest plane and NASA training equipment.  Words cannot express how awesome it was.

– The Cosmosphere also has an IMAX theater that was rented to show a movie about the ocean to wedding guests.  It was incredible and also scared the bejeezus out of Philip who panicked and started screaming “I DON’T WANT TO WATCH THIS!” and made a beline for the back  of the theater.  It was a bright and shining moment of parental pride for me, let me tell ya.

– The new man and wife entered the reception to the Star Wars theme.  The boys tried to integrate the two seemingly incongruous things and then decided that Kati and Matt were the coolest couple EVER.

Tess danced her heart out and now refers to her new dress shoes as her “dancing shoes.”

– Ellie toasted the couple by drinking her first sip iof sparkling cider.  Delish!

– The kids decided that Kansas was great. Who cares that it was frigid and foggy? It was fun!