Jac and I like to accuse each other of being a hoarder. And why not? We both come from good, strong lines of hoarders. Undiagnosed, of course,but it’s there. Saving and squirreling runs healthily through our veins. We’re working on it really, but we stuff things away for those “You never know moments.

This last week we had plenty of those. The kids’ costumes for All Saints Day we’re all put together with what we had about. No kidding. We really spent less than $3 for all four get-ups. And the most impressive part? They were all completed way before they needed to be. Jac pronounced it an All Saints Day miracle.


My favorite pieces included the shin guards (thanks Phalen’s !) and pleather studded skirt on Max. Oh, and how he tailored his own tunic and cape. Next generation DIY! And on Tess – well I love it all. The collar beaded with beads from our college days, the tunic out of sheets from Chrisa’s wedding (thanks Jarvi’s!), and sash left over from a dress modification for Julie (thanks Julie! Oh, and the Moses basket, of course. I used the rest of the sheet to crochet it and Tess dyed it with some old dye Jac had. it really helped, too, that Philip and Ellie requested and fit into costumes we already had. Thank ya, Jesus!


All that is to say sometimes hoarding pays off. Papa Chris would be so proud to hear me say that!

So the costumes were made and together and we took them for a spin at St. Elizabeth Seton’s greet and treat Friday. We showed up to an evacuated building and the arrival of fire trucks. Exciting! We met up with the Brown’s and walked the halls with them. Good times. After, they came over for Pumpkin Fest ’11 with Fr. Tyler and Susan. Nate broke a sweat manhandling a gourd masquerading as a pumpkin and somehow Susan managed to not have to gut Tess’ pumpkin. Philip and I turned his into Goliath and Fr. And Max teamed up to create a cyclops which left Ellie and Jac to make a cat. They were all incredible.

So, without further ado, St. Martin of Tours, David who Slew Goliath, The Pharaoh’s Daughter who Saved Moses and St. Elizabeth of Hungary. (Or, as Ellie says it, “I’m Lidabiff and hungry.”) Can’t hoard this goodness.

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