I stole the title from the Hanson family who refers to the anniversary of a baptism as a Happy Bappy. It’s cute, right? Well, it was the first 100 times I heard “Happy Bappy, Gem-Gem!” from the kids but then. . . well, after that it wore a little thin.

They were excited.

We all were save for the few moments that Papa Chris and I spent worrying over details and the anxiety of a social situation. Aside from that, though, it was pure excitement.

At bedtime on Friday, I reminded the kids that come tomorrow, we would have the newest Christian in the house. Hurray!!

Tess: What does that mean?
Me: Tomorrow Gemma is getting baptized and she will be the newest Christian!
Philip: Is it happening at home, too?!

After her birth, I guess it was safe to assume as much.

The morning was lovely and the friends who came to support and love on her and us were so very welcome and appreciated. Her Godparents, Taryn and Paul, came from Minnesota and our children had an exciting reunion with theirs. Deacon Grandpa presided over a beautiful rite and the babe slept through it all. As the water was poured over her head, she raised her hands up into the stream- so precious.

We came back home for a party. There was nothing fancy on the chalkboard. There was toothpaste swiped on the mirror. The tablecloth was unironed (Mama Syd and I come from wrinklier roots than my husband. . . ) And were there tumbleweeds of dog hair in the corners? Yes. Yes there was. But we partied anyway! Mama Syd and Papa Chris outdid themselves with soup and brownies and cornbread and set up- they made it happen, friends. Every last chair was filled and the kids ran outside and the adults laughter followed them. It was a beautiful way to welcome our Gem to the Fold.

*Many thanks again to both sets of grandparents for making the celebration happen, to the Yantes for coming to Rapid early to accommodate our schedule and to Cousin Roxie for the gorgeous handmade blanket – we loved having a piece of you with us!