We have been bff’s before they even coined the term.  How could I not recognize your 30th here?

I wanted to showcase our amazing relationship (and fashion sense!) in photos and as I dug through my collection, a few things occurred to me:

1. You are a constant in my life and memories.  I can’t recall a time that we weren’t friends.  Sure we’ve had our rough patches – third, fourth and fifth grade?  Shudder! – but you’ve always been there.

2. Those memories always make me smile and more often than not, make me laugh, too.  I have passed onto my kids some of our funniest and fondest jokes and terms and will continue to do so because they are THAT good.  I want them to know, too, through you, that friendships can be long and a source of special joy.

3. Some memories were shared by others (names and places vary), but some were just between us. I am thankful that of all the people to hear or witness my embarrassing/humiliating/painful moments, it was you.

4. You have a special way of encouraging me to try new things.  You know I’m a chicken and you have a particular brand of coercion that is potent on my shrinking fear.  Thanks.  Thanks for introducing me to sheep, Buy Rite, temporary tattoos and eating in the quad, among other things.

5. Thank you, too, for putting up with all my neurosis with my hair.  Only a true friend would run in the rain to get my books so I wouldn’t have to get my hair frizzy.  I still owe you for that . . . Next time the beers on me.

6. I cherish the photos posted below.  I really do.  I wanted to find some of our younger days so all could  laugh at our unfortunate hair and fashion choices but I think I destroyed them in a moment of mortification.  Anyway, I hope these make you smile. They sure do it for me . . .

You are amazing. Always have been, always will be.  I love you like a sister – I’m so thankful you’ve been one to me!

Many blessings on your birthday and always.



P.S. Only for you would I post an image of an ex-boyfriend on my blog.  Serious.