Part of the experience with Mama Syd & Papa Chris is the bringing of the eldest kids to the lake. It’s just worked out for the last 6 years that they bring the kids up seperately from Jac and I.

This means, however, that the littlest of the lot have stayed home with us, and, for a few days anyway, lived the life of an only child.

They’ve all gone through this rite – except for Max, but then he was the only for 22 months…

It’s always a sweet set of hours that leaves the youngest as the center of attention. Sweet, anyway, for us, to dote on them and peer upon them with a focused gaze. I can’t tell, though, how it is for them as they are all so used to the presence and influence of their siblings.

This is especially true for Ellie who has her brother’s and sister wrapped around her finger. They are happy to serve and oblige her. Where had her wait-staff disappeared to?

During her turn in the single zone Ellie did enjoy a few perks. Drinking Bleu Cheese dressing at a restaurant? Heck yes! With all 4 in tow that would have never happened!

Now we are all reunited and, for the next week or so, she will be back in her usual place in the lineup. I don’t think she minds. And as for her solo flight? It was fun while it lasted.