The last 72 hours have been a blur.  There was the packing, unloading and repacking of the car.  The basement lights mysteriously stopped working. We stayed up until 4 am getting everything in order only to wake a few hours later to finish packing the car so we could head West.

Then we gassed up and got the heck out of Dodge.

I know we just drove half way across the country?  And I feel like we did just that?  BUT, and this is the truth, I don’t really remember doing it.

All those miles arre just sort of washed together in a muddy, gray swipe in my mind.

A few things do stand out: Max constructing a “tent” over his seat and remaining inside it for most of the trip; Tess’s countless stops to use the potty; books on tape; learning Ellie can do 11 hours in the car just fine, but 12 hours is crossing the line; fog, fog and fog.

I am so happy to be here and I hope that the next two weeks will make more of an impression on my mind than the last 1,000 miles have.