So, it turns out, that if you want to visit San Francisco, you should go on a Tuesday afternoon in late March.

It was – by far – the best visit to the city EVER.


When it was time to go, I actually thought, “Aw!  Already?!”  THAT GOOD.

Our reason for going was this: to go to the Rain Forest Cafe.  When Philip turned 6, he declared himself brave enough to return to the restaurant and be unafraid.  And if we were going to the bay, why not visit the Pier 39 aquarium while we were at it?  It is the PERFECT size for kids of our children’s ages and you get to walk through tubes with sharks and rays and octopi swimming around and over you.

Awesome.  A thousand times awesome.

And when Philip was cool as a cucumber and grinning smugly all through dinner, the day was marked complete.

*Thanks again to the Wyeth’s – for the rides, the aquarium, for carrying Ellie all evening.  We love you guys!

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