(As an aside, you know you were in high school in the nineties if ‘Back to School’ is always said in an Adam Sandler voice a la “Billy Madison.”  Just saying . . . )

As August 28th is the feast of St. Augustine, patron of students, we like to have our annual ‘Back to School’ dinner then where we can refocus and introduce our family motto for the year.  In all actuality, because we never really STOP schooling, it’s just a good time to draw the kids attention to beginning another year.

So –

That’s just what we did.  This year we invited the Wittes to join us for our kick off and they came with the best bread and salad this side of the Rockies.  The kids played and played and played, destroying the downstairs and completely wearing each other out.  Meanwhile, the big people enjoyed some adult conversation and polished off the dessert all by ourselves.

This year, we commit ourselves to the the charge of Saint Benedict; Ora et Labora, or Prayer and Work.  Sounds easy enough, right?  And if tonight is any indication of the future, it’s gonna be a great year.

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