This year’s stats:

Number of pumpkins carved: 3

Number of times Philip mentioned he didn’t like the smell of the pumpkins: 759

2: Number of faces Susan carved on Tess’s pumpkin

Number of pumpkins on the front porch: 6 (SIX!!!)

Costumes: 1 David (the shepherd years), 1 St. Michael the Archangel, 1 Mary, Queen of Heaven and 1 Lamb (David’s charge)

7 months: length of time Max has planned on being David and having the baby be his lamb

2: Number of times Philip has been St. Michael. (We’ve had a St. Michael in the house for 3 consecutive years, now.)

3: Number of times the lamb costume has been worn.  Only Tess has been lamb-free – she was born at the wrong time of year.

4: Number of times the costumes were donned. We had the co-op All Saints party, Seton’s Greet and Treat, All Hallow’s Eve and then to Mass for All Saints Day proper.

Number of St. Michaels at the co-op shindig: 4  (He’s very popular.)

Not to miss moment of the party: the Saints parade while singing “Oh When the Saints.” Catholic geekery at it’s finest.

5.25: Estimated pounds of candy collected at Seton’s hootenany.

First for the year: Trick or Treating!  (I was a nervous wreck.  Not much has changed since I was a kid!)

4: Number of houses visited.  The neighbor, Susan’s, Grandma and Grandpa and the Hofer’s.

3: Number of houses with candy.

5: Number of guests at our All Saints party. Thank you Wittes and Susan for a lovely evening!

$3427.65: guestimate of our upcoming dental bill.