I woke up this morning to Jac dancing on the bed. Dancing.

After a weekend of running and staying up waaaaaay too late to watch the Packers win, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about such a wake up.

The kids ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

It was snowing and had snowed all night.

I had to break the news to Max that his outfit was on day 4 and therefore unwearable.

Baths were required as there was a smell.

And I had no plan for school.  NONE.

So . . .

After bodies were cleaned, ALL were bundled up without any yelling or impatient sighs from me.  I know!!!! Not only that, but the two missing mittens were found!  It was like it was supposed to be.

Out we went into the drifts and the blowing flakes and we did recess and P.E. homeschool style.

We shoveled the walks of 4 houses.  The sled was ridden on bellies and Ellie lost her mitts.

It was awesome.

Everyone ate the same thing at lunch was close to miraculous and the morning out resulted in lovely long naps for the youngest three.

Post supper we started our St.Valentine’s day preparations and rounded out the night with snow ice-cream.

This Monday? Salvaged.