Invariably, when people find out we have five daughters, their eyes get very large.  After that, though, they usually say something along the lines of “Good thing they have older brothers to keep those boys away!”

I always laugh politely.  After all the first part of the statement is true.  It IS a blessing that our girls have big brothers but it is not relegated simply to chasing would-be suitors away. (Also, they’re 11 and under.  Ew.) Anyway, our girls are tough, big fans of Ninjago, understand Lord of the Ring references, can wield a sword and a gun with ease, have healthy competitive spirits, and can tell a fart joke with the best of them.  Yes, these things are good.  They also have the harshest fashion critics around in their brothers and the boys make sure that the girls carry themselves appropriately.

It doesn’t mean that the girls don’t give them a run for their money.

Max: Lu, put your skirt down, you weirdo.

(So kind! So loving!)

Lucy: You put your skirt down.

Max: I don’t have a skirt to hold up.

Lucy: Yes you do. You have a Maxi skirt! *uproarious laughter*

We all joined in on the laughter, especially Max because that was some classic humorous word play right there!

So, yeah, it’s a good thing our girls have big brothers but I’d argue it’s even better that our boys have little sisters. And I’m pretty sure they’d ALL agree with that.