Let me reiterate that Max has yet to see any of the Star Wars movies.  But that isn’t stopping him (or us) from planning a fabulous George-Lucas-inspired party set in a galaxy far, far away.

It’s really Jac’s fault, er, doing.  He started it, fed it and – in my humble opinion – is just as obsessed as the child is.  So when Max started pining for a Star Wars themed fete, Jac said things like, “Ooooh!  You know what would be cool?  To do a video of Max as a Jedi and send THOSE out for invitations!”  Max’s eyes shone with admiration for his brilliant father and it has been talk about the “invites” ever since.

Normally, I would totally be behind this. (Well, that’s probably not 100% true.  I’m a stickler for a good old fashioned paper invite.  Made by hand.  Maybe with some glitter.  But my time WILL come with Tess.  Oh, yes.  I foresee many a princess party in the future.)  However, with baby #4 imminent, I’ve been feeling less Martha Stewart and more Large Marge.  It’s just a lot of work, right?  And I just know, I KNOW, that we’ll plan a party and set and date with “invites” and the whole deal and the baby will come THAT DAY.  I was crying (yes, crying) about this the other day and Jac said, “So, we’ll move things around.  You can’t tell the baby to wait.”

Oh, but I do!

I digress.  The invites . . .

Jac mentioned the video route again yesterday which led to a trip to the fabric store to procure fabric worthy of a Jedi.  We opted for something in a cotton, polyester blend and in dark brown.  I think a long, long time ago, Obi Wan was sporting something with a little more texture, but it’s hard to find something along those lines.  What can you do?

We also spent a good deal of time online trying to find a pattern to use.  No dice for something in a child’s size.  So . . .

Without a pattern and just my Jedi skills, I whipped out the robe seen above.  I am very proud of myself.  Of course, it could be wider, but we were a little short on the fabric – who knew a Jedi required more than 9 feet for a robe when they are only 3 feet tall?  Not this padawan, I tell you what. 

I think he looks stellar.  Convincing, he is, as Yoda would say.

More to the point, Max loves it.  That’s saying A LOT. He’s very particular.

Now it’s up to Jac to write, direct, shoot and edit the invites.  I think I’m liking this idea after all!