It seems fitting on the final Wednesday of Lent to discuss Mardi Gras.  Fitting if not a little late.

We’ve had things.

However, the record should show that Mardi Gras 2014 was the year:

-We started the day off right with a trip to Jerry’s Cake and Donuts because nothing starts the day quite like sugar and the donut lady asking “are these all yours?” 

-We did Masquerade so masks were made.

-Tess did such a bang up job on her mask she was commisioned to make mom and dad’s as well.

-Philip made masks for our Mary statue and the picture of the Immaculate Heart because EVERYONE needed masks and it was clever and funny and just a little irreverant which is kind of the point of Mardi Gras anyway.

-Gemma ate the glitter.  Oh yes she did! The kids begged to use my fancy, super-fine Martha Stewart collection and I relented with the strictest of rules and instructions.  They were promptly ignored or forgotten in the frenzy of creating.  Rule 1 was to keep them out of Gemma’s reach and we were ALL following it when I turned away to keep the glue gun (we play fast and loose around here) from melting a mask when I turned back around to see the entire cotents of a bottle of flitter come pouring out of Gemma’s surprised mouth. My stunned silence caused her siblings to look up and their cries of alarm made HER yell back, blowing fairy dust everywhere. This was followed by fishing the lid out of her mouth, her crying and demands from her to “Stop laughing at me!”  

-That mom was cleaning Gemma’s glitter mouth and Philip dumped a bottle of glitter into a full laundry basket.

-Mom changed her position to align with dad’s that glitter IS the STD of the craft world.

-Susan stressed out about having a mask and in the end CROCHETED ONE thereby sealing her fate as a truly crafty person.

-Philip wore his black shirt over his white shirt with the tie tucked in. We couldn’tqute grasp this sartorial decision and tried persuading him to wear one or the other. When he had assessed his reflection he reemerged with his pocket square in. “I figured out what was missing.” he announced.

-Sir Randall Vette showed up in a full suit and fancy mask and, like a true gentleman, kept it on even though the chalk from the board got all over him.

-Bridget wore gloves. It was as fancy as it sounds!

-The Wittes returned as did Susan and Bridget and we innitiated Jackie and Randy (though they failed to partake in the whipped cream on bacon tradition.  Next year!).

-Two batches of eggs were made and still there were no left overs of any kind.  Fat Tuesday indeed!