Here at Casa de Daniel we are anxiously awaiting the loss of a tooth.  Tess’s tooth.

She lost her first tooth earlier this summer and it was an event.  Our adventurer, she was over the moon at the prospect instead of petrified as her brother’s had been.  Look!  It’s wiggling!  Wow!  There’s blood!  Will it come out today?  What about tonight?  I hope so!

Her excitement was due, in large part, to the cash incentive.  The economy is rough, people.  Tess would do just about anything for money.

Her joy was too good not to document every step of the way.

She woke up from nap wondering if it was ever really going to fall out.  I assured her it was imminent. But how do I get it out?!

She attempted to suck it out,

followed by some earnest wiggling.

I’m gonna go look in the mirror. . .

Mom!  Look!  It’s totally backwards! I tried not to spew at this point.

Maybe if I can turn it again. . .

Look at it now!

It’s sooooo loose!  Let’s go show dada!

Dada, look at my tooth!

Jac offered to help out which she was eager for at first

but soon became less than pleased.

Wow. What a trooper.

We’re not sure how it was even hanging in there at this point. Check out the blood!

And then!

Ta da! It was out! (And not a single tear! Bravo!)

Now she can’t wait to do it again!

*In other news, the littlest lady in the house sat up on her own today. She was so pleased with herself and her siblings acted like she had won gold. Let the fun begin!