It seems fitting that since I have the scent of vinegar stuck in my nose and having just scattered 4 cups of baking powder across a mattress, we should talk about pee.

We’ve been having some, ahem, issues as of late. Which is to be expected with a two-year-old who removes her diaper like it’s her job, a four-year-old that thinks a night time diaper is the greatest injustice (she removes them after she’s been put to bed, hence the mattress), and an incontinent dog (oh, the grinding of teeth over this!). Everyone, save the three offenders, has become quite adept at cleaning up the accidents and it seems like there has been a crib or bed that it stripped at all times. 

And then yesterday. . .

Gemma naps on our bed because while they sleep together at night (eventually), our children CAN NOT handle nap times together. So it’s divide and conquer up in here. Yesterday, I ushered her into our room but she shied at the sight of our bed.

“But, um, did you pee in your bed?”

“What?! No!”

“Well then, who did?”

I’ll admit I was confused. It slowly dawned on me. I had stripped the bed earlier that morning because there had been a lull in the laundry and I could wash our sheets. After all, there’s nothing better than the feeling of clean sheets.

I laughed and assured Gemma that no one had peed in the bed though she couldn’t understand why I had removed the sheets. At any rate, she snuggled down for her nap under the comforter but only after asking, “This doesn’t have pee on it, though, right?”