What I like:

Heaters that work well, keeping me and my beloveds (is that a word?) warm during the winters we have here in the frozen North.  I have had a heater stop working a time or two in mid January and it is not fun.  So, heaters working = a happy me.

What I don’t like:

Thermostats that run out of batteries and cause hard working heaters to go haywire, bringing the house up to 87 DEGREES while you are away.  Walking into the house tonight was like hitting a wall of heat.  Or entering the 5 ring of hell – either way, it was unpleasant.  The kids (and dad) had stripped within minutes of entering the house and  ALL of us were whining and frantic about the temperature.  Why do machines do that?  Why didn’t it just stop working?  That’s what happens when the filter goes out!  On the upside, we had not yet sealed our windows for the winter, so we were able to get some air flow.  Three cheers for procrastination!  We’ve had all doors and windows open and the air conditioner on for 3 hours and it is still 75 degrees.  I think I’ll close my eyes and pretend I’m in Mexico.  Where’s the pool boy with the margaritas? ‘Cause I like margaritas.

You know what else I like?

These two: