Enjoying: The ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brother’s’ sound track.  Spring Produuuuuuction! (that’s my singing voice . . . ) The kids have been singing ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Day’ non-stop.  I really like ‘We Gotta Make it Through the Winter’ but, as Tess would say, “UN-appropriate.”

Missing: Nana Joyce.  She loved Seven Brides and I wish I could tell her how the kids have taken to it.  I saw her doppelganger on a yellow school bus last week.  I have wanted to hear her wisdom and encouragement and laughter this last month so badly.

Eating: Dairy again!  Exciting and yet mildly anti-climactic. Turns out my stomach didn’t miss it.  Sad face.

Feeling: Old.  We couldn’t believe how few of the high-schoolers we were on retreat with had not seen Gladiator.  “When did it come out?” they wanted to know.  “A few years ago!” Jac replied.  Except 2000 is more than a “few.” These kids were 1, 2 and 3 then.  Browsing the paper for cars I declare that a ’92 model isn’t too old because, in my mind, it’s late 20oo. Upon calculation I realize that the vehicle in question is 21 years old and came by those 227 thousand miles legit-ly.

Wondering: When to correct word modifications.  Is it okay that Ellie really thinks lemonade is “lem-a-lame”?  How about “zereal” (rhymes with cereal) for zero?  (“An eight is two little zerials on top of each other, right mama?”)

Remembering: High school. The mascara Jac gave me for Christmas smells exactly like the party favors at a friends Sweet 16. The party where my boyfriend kissed the birthday girl (my friend) and told me it was the gentlemanly thing to do.  Dear sixteen year old self: Someone should’ve kicked him in the shins and given you a hug.  Life gets better.  Your husband? He’s great and a much better kisser, f.y.i.

Despising: Mud.  February thaw, you’re miserable.  I’m pretty sure I prefer snow over you.

Impressed: With Philip.  Who is this kid who is requesting coloring pages and the chance to fold clothes?  I barely know the man!

Thankful: 1. That the awful smell in the office was N-O-T not a dead mouse and 2. We caught the fuse causing said fuse before it lit the whole house on fire.

Anticipating: Mardi Gras!  Ash Wednesday!  And Valentine’s Day!  Extravaganza 5.0 is looking to be a winner!