This is Ellie’s Kiss cover band audition look achieved with black frosting and tears applied at 9:24 am.

I should’ve cashed in my chips when I woke up to Ellie’s red stained legs and Jello between her toes.

Should’ve folded when there were no lunch makings to construct something to send with boys for co op.

I should’ve thrown in the towel when Tess had put on 4 different outfits and pulled out 3 hair-dos in an hour.

The flag should’ve been waved when Monday ate 3 different yellow diapers. Yellow, folks.

Should’ve called it quits when two of those diaper’s contents showed up on the front AND back of Gemma’s outfits.

Should’ve pulled the curtains when I found blue sparkly toothpaste on the mirror. And the toilet seat. And wall.

Should’ve given up when I discovered Nutella on my Chapstick after I had put it on.

It was one of those days. The kind where nothing goes right and it’s only 10 am. If I was allowed them, I surely would have phoned in a Personal Day. But alas, my benefits package doesn’t account for those and I have already used up my mental health and sick days – having a baby does that to a person.

So I kept on going. I cinched my belt, brewed some caffeinated tea, took a deep breath and restarted the day at 10:15. It was that or sit down and cry. Some days that helps but today wasn’t one of them so I just kept on keeping on.

Tomorrow we’ll try again.

Wish me luck.