We are currently reading The Story Girl by L. M. Montgomery.  Together with The Golden Road, it is my favorite wok of hers which is saying something because I LOVE me some Anne of Green Gables and Anne of the Island.  The Story Girl sums up childhood and all of it’s wonder so beautifully.

Tonight we read chapters 19 and 20 titled The Dread Prophecy and Judgement Sunday.  In them, the characters read that Judgement Day is to arrive the next day at 2.  There is a great deal of worry and stress and build-up to the dreaded hour.

Max read chapter 20 aloud while I combed the girls’ hair.  Near the end, Ellie quietly asked what Judgement Day is.

“It’s when Jesus comes back.” I explained.

“Then how come they’re afraid if Jesus is coming back?” she wanted to know.  “It’s JESUS.”

As this little interlude had derailed the reading for the moment, Philip chimed in, “I think it’s silly that they think they have to wear something nice for Judgement Day.  Since you don’t know when it’s going to happen, after all.  We should just always be prepared, right mom?”

And friends?  After a few days of not a whole heck of a lot being accomplished around here, I’m telling you these remarks made me feel like we’re doing something right after all.