For months now, every night as we prepare for bed Jac asks,

“WHAT are we going to name this baby?”

My answer is always the same – I have no idea. Honestly, this process of naming a child just keeps getting more and more difficult. Susan asked if we’ve asked God about it. Apparently, He’s pretty good at the name thing (see Abraham, Sarah, John, Jesu and Peter to name a few. . .). We have and yet He remains stubbornly silent. We are left, therefore, to our own devises. Jac, for his part, has all but given up, announcing that we will have to see the babe before we make a decision. Meanwhile, I’d like a plan.

You see, waaaaay back when the weather was really hot and in a moment of dehydrated induced delirium, I bribed Neil Rumplestiltskin style. I told him that if he started his own business before our baby was born, he could name the child. We didn’t shake on it or anything, but he’s been calling regularly to remind us of the deal and update us on his progress. It has me slightly nervous as he knows where we live and has so much dirt on Jac that things could get ugly.

And so, here we are. Back by popular demand (or not. . . ) is the Daniel Baby Name Poll! You tell us what you like – or what you don’t- or write in suggestions. Some thoughts on this: We think a Christmas-y baby should have a Christmas-y name perhaps. We do saint names around here and this site has easy to browse lists. Also important to keep in mind is the fact that all the kids have Doctors of the Church as part of their names. We’d like to keep that tradition. You can find the list here.

There it is. Have at it. Tell your friends and pray for us. Please. Save us from the fate of a child named New Box ( Neil’s front runner. Lord have mercy.)