There are some things that if we do them, I know what will inevitably follow.

Like if we bathe all of the girls, the husband will inevitably make pancakes for breakfast the next morning.  Or pick up donuts.  Sugar adds hold to hairstyles I tell myself.

If we put clean sheets on the girl’s beds inevitably someone will wet the bed.  I made the bottom bunk this morning so I’m currently taking bets as to who will wake me up in the night.

If you show me a Disney movie, inevitably I will cry.  Three times in the last week, if anyone is counting.  (Yes.  THREE Disney movies have been viewed in the past seven days.  Don’t judge me.) Lilo and Stitch is so sad!

If someone knocks on the door during the day, inevitably the kids are exceeding 80 decibels, the house is a disaster and I haven’t done a thing with my hair.  I think our mail woman was genuinely concerned this morning.

If we are running late to Mass (“If”!!! Who am I kidding?) inevitably someone can’t find a shoe.

If I spend my entire afternoon folding an obscene amount of laundry, inevitably multiple children will claim they have no jammies to wear at the end of the day and will ransack their father’s shirt drawer.

And, if I plan a blog post, I will inevitably forget 50% of what I was going to write.  So, there you have it.