A mastery of physics is needed for the study of robotics . . .

I am not ashamed to say that for the last 5 days the kids have spent a great deal of time educating themselves with an ipod.

Thanks to Mama Syd.

Anyway, I really, really don’t care (did I say that already?) because it’s been mostly educational games.  You know, physics and things like that.

If you don’t believe me, you should check out Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.  They look simple, right?  But you have to have a mastery of the knowledge of weight and the effect of gravity of such over distance, etc. etc.

In a word, inertia. You know, an object in motion stays in motion.

Except, while they are learning virtually, I am learning in reality that this isn’t always the case.

I say this because yesterday was a great day.  My mile long to-do list was accomplished down to the tiniest detail.  That NEVER happens.  Never, ever. And not only was it done- with Jac’s help, of course – but we had an hour to sit and relax before our book group arrived.  No last minute rushing and stuffing of things into our bedroom!

Miracle, no?

But then today?  Well, today was an altogether different story.  Nothing happened. Okay, well, dinner was made, the library was visited (a 15 minute visit!) and MOST of the dishes were done. But that’s about it.

What happened to the inertia? I was moving yesterday.  I felt motion. Where did it go?

Maybe I need some more time on the ipod.  You know, to learn the lesson.  I think then I’ll find my inertia.