This is how I felt on Sunday.

Truth be told, there was a lot of crying happening and most of it was done by me. 

First, Mama Syd and Papa Chris had to go home. It left me with a heavy heart and three kiddos who were pretty sad. 

Then I started to feel crummy.  Crummy on top of the yuck I was already dealing with.  As the afternoon wore on I was convinced it was something more than just being bummed and tired.  Something that was an awful lot like mastitis. 


Calls were made for meds and our friend, the lactation lady, called with her expertise and recommendations. 

“Honey, you need to get you and that baby into bed.  Tell Jac to take the kids.  NOW.”

This was unfortunately the most unhappy news.  I was so tired of being sick and useless.  Jac is tired of being both mom and dad.  So I cried.


Mama Syd called from the road and I cried again.

Then I got into bed to cry some more.

I stayed in bed until noon Monday, feeling – when I got up – like a new person.  I could even see my ankle bones again!  I tried not to dwell on the perfect day that I was not out enjoying and chose, instead, to enjoy the perfect girl next to me.

Tonight Jac said, “I like it when you’re feeling good.” 

Me, too. 

Later, I remarked that I was moving well, better then I had in a long time. 

“Maybe you really did need bed rest!” Jac said.  Maybe indeed.

At any rate, I’m going to bed feeling rather renewed.  It’s a good feeling to have.

**The above image is from our photo shoot of Bailey.  You can see all the images here.**