Tess has learned how to blow bubble gum bubbles!
In other news, gum is from the devil.

Art is the favorite subject at the moment.
In other news, I am taking suggestions for how to store piles of artwork.


I cut the girls’ bangs this week.
In other news, the boys will be going to Spearfish for their hair cuts this time around.

Ellie, now that she’s 5 and oh-so-very O.L.D., has been refusing to nap.
In other news, Ellie has been screaming and crying hysterically while she sleep walks at                     night. Exhaustion is fun when it’s shared with others!

Tess is currently in charge of laundry.
In other news, there are a lot of already matched socks in the clean clothes.  Which                           means they were clean to begin with. 

There happens to be an abundance of clean clothes getting washed.
                In other news, I’ve developed an eye twitch.