Do you have:

– Dorrito tracks on your toilet seat?

– powdered TANG spilled on your pantry floor and

– orange handprints (from said TANG) all over your bathroom?

– a brand-new, never-been-used toothbrush in the garbage because it was put on the lip of the toilet?

– green finger paint in your bathtub?

– your very pricey, worth-its-weight-in-gold hair product down the bathroom sink drain (it makes the place smell lovely)?

– a bottle of body wash now replaced with water?

– a broken squirt bottle?

– teeth marks in your fancy new water bottle?

I didn’t think so.

Lucky me.

*** This post was made possible by Tess.

*** For my mom:  Yes, she had a party.  It was before I was awake.  Everything she found was behind doors with child-proof latches and locks – you watched  Papa Chris put them there.  No, I don’t know how she did it.  She certainly had a good time.  Ididn’t yell, not once.  But I did tear up about the hair product.