Enjoy the view up Ellie's eyes, nose and the wonder of Max's tongue. You're welcome.

( Background: Max is attending Duc in Altum (that is, “Put out into the deep” in Latin) – a VBS run by our seminarians – this week.  It lasts all day and includes Mass with the group, lunch, and recess. He is very excited/nervous/anxious about the infamous water fight at the end of the week. )

We strolled through the mall after a successful attempt to purchase some sandals for Max.  (At the initial suggestion he responded with, “Well . . . no.  I’m not much of a sandal guy.”  End of disucssion, or so he thought.  Bwa ha ha!)  The kids were in various states of riding in the stroller and trotting before us.

“Our child is wearing an empty scabard in the mall.”  Jacques observed.  Indeed our oldest was, having put it on specifically for this trip.  It’s a favored accessorry.  We chuckled softly together then Jac stopped short.

“We’ve become a weird homeschool family!”

To this I laughed loud and long.

“Our child thinks ‘recess’ is called ‘accessory.’  We are totally a weird homeschool family.”

And that my friends, is how you know.  You know, if you were wondering how to spot a homeschool family.