You know your child is home schooled when they don’t know what a playground is.

For reals.  “Uh, I don’t know what that play area thing is called . . . ”

We had some crash course playground game training this week.  We might have included some bloody knuckles and indian burns for good measure.  There is a 10 year old in our midst after all.  And, as an upside, it kept Gemma entertained and in stitches as long as someone was yelling, “Ow!”.

Good times.

It puts me in the mood to procure a tether ball. Maybe play four square. Teach my sons some jump rope skills?  Technically, we could and nobody would bully them a bit.  I’ll probably refrain.

But I will continue to build vocabulary by defining play ground and recess even if they have no context here at home.  The backyard is where we unwind and ‘free time’ is most coveted in these parts.

I’m down with that and I’m pretty sure the kids are, too.  They don’t know how good they’ve got it.