Back in December, mom and I hit up the post-Christmas sales.  We lingered over the infant goods, each sighing and BRIEFLY lamenting, “If we only knew what “it” was . . . ”  I consoled myself with a purchase that I was convinced was “gender neutral.”  I held it up for mom and said, “It could work for either.”  She agreed.  Jac was harder to convince, but I was unwavering.  I packed it up in the bags that went to the hospital.

Then SHE came.  Suddenly, it didn’t seem so neutral after all.


See what I mean?  Definitely leaning towards the boy side.

I fretted over this BRIEFLY the day she was born (we’re still out about what to call her!).  Though I wasn’t overly concerned, I did wonder what others would think about her pink-ness being swaddled in something so manly.  I shouldn’t have worried.


Jac took care of his little girl.  He went home under the guise of showering and resting, but ended up out shopping for some lovely pink things for the new miss.  She went home dressed in gender appropriate colors thanks to daddy.


We came home Sunday afternoon to tulips ready to burst, warm sunshine and a quiet house.  We had a chance to settle in and rest before Mama Syd and Papa Chris arrived from California and the kiddos were brought home by grandma Mary.  Let the fun begin.