Reason #84 we home school:

The weather was glorious yesterday.  Achingly so!  The sun pouring through the windows and warming up the house caused Philip to wake bright and early.  He was out the door and down the steps to get the paper and ‘feel’ the weather.  We heard the screen door slam from our bed as he announced “It’s really, really warm!” (He was downright disgusted with me when I came to the table for breakfast.  Looking at my jeans, his eyes narrowed.  “How many times do I have to tell you it is warm today?” he asked in a withering tone.  Not a good way to start the day for either of us. . .)

We couldn’t be kept inside so we collected our books and some chalk and had school outside.  Reading about Marco Polo while blossoms floated on the fragrant breeze cannot be beat.  And who knew the sidewalk was so handy for teaching handwriting?

Reason #6 home schooling stresses me out:

Convincing myself that the neighbors are wondering what the heck is going on over at our house and, seeing our school aged children out riding their bikes in the middle of a school day, get suspicious and report us for truancy or worse. Oh yes, I do think those things.