Speaking of back to school. . .

After visiting with friends about the hassle of back to school clothes shopping for their kiddos, Jac was gloating about how great it was that we didn’t have to do any such thing.  “They just wear what they wear, you know?”

Oh, I know. Around these parts, we call it “Homeschool Chic.”

We wanted to share our Fall 2011 collection with you.

Accessories are a must. Bold pieces are popular, such as the Che Geuvara-esque headband as seen here.  Also in are watches and more subtle things like yarn bracelts, dog tags and diy pop bead pieces.

Color blocking is all the rage on the runways and here at home.  It is especially appealing with ethnic prints.  Notice again the choice of accessories.  Hot!

Camo is always ‘in.’ Mixed with tie-dye or mismatched tops is wildly popular.  Dora the Explorer is always fresh and this model prefers her Night-to-Day Dora look with unicorn footwear.

Historical influence is important this season.

The mix of bold prints is always appealing.  This look is by far the most popular with the strong plaid of last season paired with an athletic top.  It is taken to the next level when the model unzips the shirt to “look like (he’s) running. ”  This look is in such high demand, models have been known to dig pieces out of the dirty clothes to construct the look.

The best part of all of this? The kids think it’s COOL to be homeschool chic.  They strive for it, running out to me in the mornings to inquire if they look it.

The other morning, Tess came trotting out and asked, “Mom!  Do I look homeschool horse?”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Homeschool horse?

“Oh, wait.  I mean, Homeschool Sheep. Do I look it?”