I LOVE Holy Week.  Love, love, love it.  So unless the baby decided to arrive, nothing was going to deter me from having a Seder meal and doing what I plan on all year long.

We woke up to this:


Those cheeky robins . . . not the last blizzard or the heavy, wet snow that fell over night could scare them away from our delicous crab apple tree.

The entire morning was spent learning how to set a formal table, washing glass ware and ironing table linens.  I was regretful that if I was feeling well, I could have done it rather quickly. Then I remembered the kids would have been helping then too, so it would’ve taken some time either way.  Anyway, Uncle Billy would be impressed with the skill and determination showed by Philip in the ironing process. 


We opted not to prepare lamb for our Seder.  (I don’t do lamb.  EVER.) We chose instead to do a lamb cake.  Waaaaaay tastier than a lamb shank, I assure you.


Our meal started late (my fault.  Darn vanity . . . ) and I was super stressed about time (which, by the way, makes my husband move even SLOWER. It creates the perfect storm.).  But the Seder table was full of friends and fine company and we enjoyed our meal.  Mass and adoration was powerful, but I was happy to get home and put my feet up.  I rested to the sounds of Jac and the kids gorging themselves on the leftovers fo the Seder meal.  Our Passover miracle was that Philip found he loved parsely dipped in salt water and radish with matzo.  They ate and ate and ate.  I’m pretty sure that’s not kosher, but they were happy and full when they went to bed.  I couldn’t ask for more.