So, that was fun! Thanks for participating!

And now for the answers:

1. Last night Monday opened up and ate the contents of

a. the bag of sweet bread brought back from the in-laws from San Antonio

b. my makeup compact

c. a poopy diaper – Yup, the whole she-bang.  We came upstairs to find a bit of diaper with some “tracks” and a faint odor.  That dog is on borrowed time . . .

2. While folding laundry, you discover that the extra-large load of whites has been washed with

a. Jac’s Space Pen

b. a wad of gum

c. a brown crayon- Super awesome, no?  The affected clothes look like they have poop tracks (see above).  And the best part?  The clothes that are marked belong mostly to me.  93% of them in fact.

3. Noticing her puffier-than-normal cheeks, you sweep your daughter’s mouth and find

a. 8 Valentine candy hearts – Tess gave them to her.  Somehow Philip “Sneakily, sneakily” found a box and ate his favorites then passed it along to his sisters.  Generously, Tess gave Ellie all the “Picey” ones, the cinnamon and peppermint ones.  She seemed unphased by them as they were all much smaller than the original shape.

b. 2 marbles

c. a hair clip

4. While changing your daughter’s diaper you find

a. 8 Valentine candy hearts

b. 2 marbles

c. a hair clip – Thankfully, she hadn’t passed it, it just happened to be in there.  It’s her collecting spot of choice for desirable objects.  How nice.

5.  ”Ndgaaa!” means

a. drink

b.  dad

c.  Philip

d. all of the above – Near as we can tell!  It seems to be her favorite word and the one she yells most often to get some water or Dad’s attention or to call Philip.

6.  ”Felleton” is Tess for

a.  skeleton

b.  fellowship – We’ve begun to read ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ and Tess keeps repeating parts of ‘Felleton of da Wing’ to anyone that will listen.  She’s an up-talker in case you were wondering.

c.  gentleman

d.  we don’t have any idea

7. While growing your daughter’s bangs out, do you

a.  get so frustrated that four months in, you chop them all off

b.  re-do her hair 4 times an hour for the 12 hours she’s awake

c.  decide not to comb her hair at all because it will all just come undone anyway- Please don’t report me. It just feels like a battle I don’t need to wage at the moment.  Meanwhile, she’s adopted this way of sight that I fear will lead to a permanent posture: she walks around with her head thrown back in an attempt to see under her shag.  This too will pass, right?

8.  When a friend drops by for a quick visit she comes in to find

a.  a pew covered in laundry (it’s folded!)

b.  3 days worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen

c.  the traces of two meals on the table

d.  all of the above – So mortifying but the visit was such a blessing.  And you know what she did?  She promptly unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and cleared the table.  Thanks Glenda!  You’re the greatest!

9. On Sunday, Jac had to jump the van

a.  3 times

b.  4 times

c.  5 times – I don’t know a word that can define his frustration.  Thanks be to God, we took the brand-new battery back to where we got it and they discovered it was a loose connector and fixed it.  For free!

d.  None.  We called AAA once

10.  When you come upstairs at midnight to find the aftermath of Monday’s snack, a 3 year-old wandering around with a wet and bare bottom half and ants on the table and floor, do you

a.  have a complete meltdown

b.  shudder, cringe and then go to bed, leaving your spouse to deal with it – I should feel more ashamed about this, really I should.  But this is how I know Jac loves me: he didn’t say a word and didn’t complain because he knew that a meltdown was imminent.  He’s so good and smart.

c.  laugh it all off and plan a blog post

Now, speaking of of good and smart, let’s get to the high score!

Cindy! She taught me everything I know about being competitive so I’m sure she’ll be excited to win. The fabulous prize? A foam core mounted photo like the one above of your family’s last name! Please let me know if you would like that with a black background or with a white one (as seen above). All the images were found by thesddaniels in little ol Rapid City.

My husband says if you have a bar mitzvah coming up this is a great present as it can be customized to any word in the English language (yes, we are barely making our mortgage payment this month…and now he is getting creative. And desperate.)