I think Gemma said it first.

“Happy Feaster!”

Everyone else has taken it up and is using it liberally.  It’s just so perfectly perfect as Easter is the Mother of all feasts.

We’ve eaten candy until we were sick (or, in Philip’s case, did NOT eat candy because he WAS sick on Feaster.  Sad face.  But he’s back at it today!  Happy face!). We partied it up and lounged about.  We’ve binged on technology and Feaster music and worn our Feaster clothes out and about making our very own Feaster parade wherever we go.

It’s been a good start to the season.  Alleluia! Oh, Al-Le-Luuuuu-Ia!

We even had our very own Feaster Bunny bouncing through.

She’s the cutest one I’ve ever seen!