This years stats:

1 St. Martin of Tours, 1 St. Michael the Archangel, 1 St. Jerome’s Lion



Number of new costumes: 1 (unless you count Jac’s St. Jerome robe.)

Number of parties attended: 1

Number of “jeweled” rings brought home from said party: 24 (Max loves his bling)

Number of naps taken: 0

Meals where pizza was eaten: 2

Trick or Treat? Only if you count visiting the school to walk in the halls.  Still a ton of candy collected.

Number of candies Philip demanded opened and then decided he didn’t like: 6

Tess fell asleep before 7 pm.

Pumkin seeds roasted – 2 cups.  Popcorn balls that weren’t balls made – 20 cups.

Sore throats – 1 (me)

All in all, a good day!