This was Tess before I got my hands on her this morning.  Those marks?  Her war paint.  She’s very into drawing at the moment and spends a good deal of time at Philips easel with the dry erase board.  Except this morning she used her skin as her canvas.  It was all good-she was going to wear purple so it matched.

Anyway, after she was dressed, she made a bee-line for the boys and the pirates/Indiana Jones they were playing with.  I called her back.

“Tess!  It’s time to comb your hair!”

Several minutes later, as I was indeed combing her hair in the bathroom, Philip yells from the living room.

“Moooom!  Where are we going?”

“No where, silly.”

“Then why are you combing Tess’s hair?”

Now, what I said in response was, “Because that’s what we do in the morning.  We comb hair.”  But what I was thinking was, “Is that how it is?  Do I let them be feral until we pass over our threshold?  Lord, have mercy!”

By the way, Tess gets her hair combed 5 out of 7 mornings, at least.  And Philip refused to comb his hair today because we weren’t going anywhere.  He will be one of those boys that won’t shower because he did last week. Seriously, Lord. HAVE MERCY!!!