Life sure feels chock full of great stuff at the moment.  It could be the sleep deprivation, the leftover Halloween candy or the beer (good for milk supply!) or a combo of all three talking, but I’m pretty sure God is just that good to us.

Today I’m thankful for:


– Mama Syd and the 10 days she was able to stay with us.  She did loads of shopping, did laundry like it was her J-O-B, whipped the closets into shape, did a full two days yard work (with the bruises to prove it) and loved on all the kids.  When we saw her off today Ellie and I had a good cry.

– that Mama Syd, Papa Chris and the Wyeth’s will be back in Rapid in just 13 days.  Woot!

– the Hofer’s who took our kids for the afternoon and played with them until they were tuckered out, sent Jac and I off to lunch and packaged up fresh gingerbread cookies for us to bring home.  Awesome.

– nights with mostly sleeping from a growing babe.  Sleep makes everything better.

– listening to Jac play guitar and sing in the large chapel at Terra Sancta.  For a half hour it was a concert just for me and Lu.

– hearing Gemma say, “Hi, Lulu!” in her cheeriest voice when we picked them up this evening.

– friends who got the chance to hold a sleeping baby during Mass and adoration.

– Fr. Mark and his zeal.  Ask him about the Holy Spirit, I dare ya.

– folks who read and enjoy this little ‘ol blog. Shout out Johnny and Theresa!

– Stephanie Hurd and her apple pie (Tart? Crostata?) that she brought us. Apples, spice, pecan crumble topping!  Best. Pie. Ever. And you know how I feel about pies. . .

– a husband that makes me rest, changes diapers and keeps us all put together.

– Quiet night hours with a bright-eyed baby.

You?  What is great about life at the moment?