When this

is the good, you know that it’s gonna get

bad and perhaps even


I’m not sure what the good Lord is trying to teach me, but my two great dreads – a tooth knocked out before it’s time and a child given hair cut – have both come true.


I was sure that when Tess went through her cutting bout in the fall that we had been spared a home beauty school coif.  Not so much.

Again with a nap time gone wrong.  We are unsure if the curtain was pulled down pre or post shearing.  But what we do know is that Tess worked her skills on Philip’s head and then he returned the favor.


The bangs we have worked on for 8 months?  Gone.  In fact, all along her deep left part Philip opted for a short to barely there length.  She would fit in well in a punk crowd is all I will say.

Tonight the two little barbers were set to work at the cutting table.  They were ecstatic and giddy to be given free reign with the scissors and didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation and then two minutes passed and they were convinced they were enduring cruel and unusual punishment.

Boo. Hoo. And while I couldn’t bear to do it tonight, I am sure Tess will have to go back under the blade to try and rectify the damage or at least balance things out.

I’m sure it won’t end up being good, but cross your fingers that what is bad doesn’t evolve into straight up ugly. My heart and stomach won’t take it.