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I can’t decide which is more difficult: sleep training a willful baby or teaching a 5, 7, (nearly eight!  We’re in the final countdown!) and 9 year old how to tell their right from their left.  Yes, they know how to make an ‘L’ with their left hand.  We even had tattoos on their left hands.  It just isn’t clicking and it’s tremendously difficult to teach “Sliiiide right!” letters when they don’t know what’s going on.

Perhaps finding Fresh n’ Fruity toothpaste soup and art work in the bathroom right before lunch should be in the running for “Hardest Part of the Day.”  Or working on social skills.  Or the fact it snowed today. You heard me.  SNOWED.

I’ve heard enough melt downs as of late to pitch a pretty good fit right here, right now.  But all is not lost.  We received a lovely, loving package in the mail yesterday from the Litt’s.  Words of encouragement AND tasty Nebraska popcorn in a box brought by the postman.  Nothing tops a mail delivery – NOTHING.  Philip made delicious cookies which covered up the stinkiness of supper, (Pinterest – why you do me like you do? ) and filled the tummy’s of those unimpressed by the menu choice. Who cares that Ellie ate so many she took a bowl to bed?  Luke was here as sous chef, Elizabeth dropped by and she brought a fantastic book in celebration of my birthday.  Celebrating a b-day with a book on a dreary day 3 months late?  Pretty awesome.  We got 2/3rds of the troops bathed, 20 fingernails trimmed and started our new drawing lessons all before bed. Life is good and messy.  We are overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at once most of the time but it’s spectacular, nonetheless. I’m making a note to self to remember this tomorrow.  Oh, please Lord! Let me remember this tomorrow!