Ellie turned 2. On the Second.  That made it her Golden Birthday. Hurray!

She’s been working for weeks on her two little fingers and has finally mastered it.  She spent the last 3 days telling anyone who would listen,

“I two.  I two!”

And now she is.

She woke up to twos and pink streamers.  God bless her, she scraped off and threw away every two she could reach. How I love a child who cleans up after themselves!  She found her presents from Nana Mickey on the table and had to tell each person individually about each PRESENT: “MY present.  Mom! (or Dad! or Max!) Ellie’s present!”

After a morning at home getting ready for an extravaganza, we took her to Peppy’s Pizza for lunch – her choice.  Who could argue with pizza and jello and corn fritters in an empty restaurant/arcade? All was perfect until Peppy rode out on his bike to wish her a happy birthday.  Not so much a fan of a over-sized puppet ‘pizza-saurus,’ it turns out. However, though there was shaking and big eyes, she shed not a single tear and after the silly thing pedaled away, she recounted in detail what happened including a full rendition of the birthday song and clapping.

In the evening Grandma, Grandpa, the cousins, Julie and Marianne Hofer all came over for spaghetti and cupcakes.  Cupcakes that nearly didn’t happen because I forgot to add cake mix to the shopping list.  Thankfully, Jac is fantastic and the drugstore is a block away so all was well.

That is until she singed her hair while attempting to blow out a kitty-cat cupcake. The good news is she still managed to extinguish the candles.

And open a lot of presents that were HERS.

After all of that excitement she was ready for bed but who can sleep when an extravaganza awaits downstairs? Who, I ask you?

Julie stayed for the showing of Aristocats, Ellie made it to the end of the movie and the kids went to bed singing “Everybody wants to be a cat!”

And then we crashed.

Happy birthday, Belle-Belle.  So glad you’re a part of the family. We love you Godzellie!


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