I’ve talked it over with several folks (myself, Jac and Mom) and have decided I am more creative when I am pregnant.  I think it has something to do with being directly plugged into The Creator and needing to be able to control something during that crazy time, but those are just theories.

Therefore, I’ve being feeling like a bum as of late.  Not a lot of fabulousness going on around here.  Boo.  I barely even gave any forethought to St. Patrick’s day for cryin’ out loud.  I want to shake myself. . .

At any rate, even with minimal thought or effort, we managed to celebrate the Emerald Isle’s favorite saint in fine fashion.

Mom made corn beef (is it corned beef or corn beef?  I’m unsure . . . ), I baked some Guiness bread and we mixed up some green kool-aid to wash it all down.

Afterwards we all slurped green jell-o through straws until our cheeks hurt from the suction and laughing.

The best part, though? We all ate so much of the heavy bread, we slept happily and heavily all through the night.

Just like babies.